Past Theatre Workshops

Bronwyn Sims offering workshops at The Pig Iron School for Physical Theatre and Philidelphia School for Circus Arts. June 20-23

Workshops at Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training
June 20 and 21 9:30-11:30 as part of Pig Iron’s Summer Session 2013
Acrobatics and Partner Acrobatics for the Actor:

Contact improv & modern dance meet circus
This class is for the student wishing to experience the wonders of moving with another body in space. The importance of the space in between you and your partner, and the connection between two individuals. Through careful listening and paying attention to your partner we will learn to be responsive to another body’s subtle messages, energies, breath, and weight changes.
Explore what it means to support the weight of another person & help them maneuver through space. Students will be encouraged to be relaxed and engaged, and we will focus on fluid and dynamic movement with two or more bodies to create images and entities larger than what can be achieved by dancing solo. Learn how to self spot & help others through the skills.Creative shapes & balances will be the key to getting to know your own & your partner’s abilities.

Workshops at Phildelphia School for Circus Arts:
Philadelphia School of Circus Arts
5900A Greene Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Improv, and theatricality for the circus performer. Saturday June 22 from 4-6:30

A physical performance artist must develop material in their own way and in their own style, discovering their body and the breath that animates it. The workshop will examine the art of physical performance with the help of exercises and improvisation on the floor and in the air. For those who wish to stretch the boundaries of their expression, creating a language of theatrical choreography, linking movement and emotion. Participants should have experience on their apparatus of choice and be comfortable working through extended sequences allowing yourself to jump in and to be open, generous, vulnerable and playful.
Using physicality and virtuosic skill in theatre : Saturday June 22 11-1:30 and Sunday June 23 11-1:30

Virtuosity can be arrived at by mastering technique,
through practice and repetition. Audiences love to see virtuosity in the theatre, especially if it reveals something about a character or is used to tell the story. How does an actor use a skill or trick on stage within the context of a play and not let it be just about the trick?

In this workshop each participant will bring in one skill or trick that they can do well. This does not have to be a great feat of athleticism. Perhaps you have a unique ability or party trick. We will show the group your “greatest” trick or skill. Then we will work with those within the context of brief compositions, discovering key elements in using virtuosity in theatre such as playing with buoyancy, transformation of objects/apparatus, expressive and behavioral movement, tragedy and triumph.

Link to Workshop Registration:


Viewpoints and Suzuki Workshop
at HEADROOM Stages in Brattleboro VT on March 10 and 11, 2012 
This workshop will be taught by Tina Mitchell.


Looking for a dynamic approach to acting that engages the entire body and not just your mind? This physical actor training workshop will provide performers with an exciting approach to acting and stagecraft. Over this two day workshop students will focus on strengthening physical and vocal control, cultivating specificity and clarity of physical intention and action, and making bold and inspired choices in the moment.

This practical weekend workshop will equip beginners with an understanding of the basic principles of Viewpoints and The Suzuki Method of Actor Training, and their use in performance. Explore a different approach to acting that will deepen your craft.

Participants should be in good health and come with a mental and physical commitment to training. This work is helpful for any kind of physical performer, Actors, Circus Performers, Dancers and Athletes.


Tina has trained extensively with the SITI Company in New York as well as with the Suzuki Company of Toga in Japan. A graduate of the Adelaide Centre for the Arts she is co-founder of Australian independent theatre company Chopt Logic. Her work as a director includes; Le Grande Macabre directing secondment (La Fura Dels Baus & English National Opera) Live Fish (Adelaide Fringe INSPACE award nomination 2010),  Assistant Director to Anne Bogart on Antigone (SITI Company, New York), Odyssey Schmodessey (New York Clown Festival) Schmoove Operator(Adelaide Cabaret Fringe/Adelaide Fringe 2010), One Step Forward (Helpmann Academy) mentoring director Adelaide Centre for the Arts 2009/10, director Upstart(Adelaide Fringe 2010), co-director on Autobahn (Junglebean 2009), Assistant Director, The Real Thing (State Theatre Company of South Australia), Creative Director for the Adelaide City Council. As a performer her credits include: systems/layers (SITI Company New York), Mata Hari – The Great Imitator (Opera 3LD New York), Manon/Sandra (The Theory of Everything UK/New York Fringe), The Three Sisters (Columbia University New York) Painted Bird/Bastard (Palissimo, La Mama New York), Venus (New York Fringe), The Bruised Hearts Travelling Freak Show, The Most Massive Woman Wins, The Maids, AmadeusA Midsummer Nights Dream and Decadence all for Chopt Logic (Australian Festival for Young People, Darwin Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, Barossa International Music Festival), The Bridge (Hanyong Theatre, Korea)The Glass Menagerie (Bakehouse Theatre), Much Ado About Nothing and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Lightning Strike). Tina has taught Suzuki and Viewpoints across Australia for a number of institutions including the Adelaide College for the Arts, the University of South Australia, Flinders University, Sydney Physical Actor training and Rising Damp Theatre of Youth.

Workshop Details:

Saturday and Sunday March 10 and 11th at Head Room Stages  17 Elliot Street 2nd floor Brattleboro VT. Each day is from 10-5 there will be a lunch break so please bring your own lunch. Because of the nature of the work you must attend both days of the workshop. One day sign ups are not available.

Cost of workshop for 2 days  is $100. A $50 deposit for the workshop will be required to reserve your space.

**** If you register before Feb 29 You get a $10 discount off the price. It would be $90 for the 2 day workshop ****  Coming from out of town? We can help direct you to some of Vermont’s lovely hotels, motels and B&B’s. If you have any questions or would like to register for the workshop please contact Bronwyn Sims at




Serious Play

Bronwyn and Patrick will be teaching Serious Play at New England Center for Circus Arts for the upcoming Winter Session January 9-March 4 2012. The class will be held on Thursday evenings from 6-7:30 at NECCA’S downtown studio at NEYT in the acrobatics room. You can register for the class by going to the NECCA website. or calling 802-254-9780

This class is about Play: playing as an ensemble, finding the game with the audience, performing with buoyancy and playful abandon, giving the inner critic a time out, and letting the original anarchist emerge. We’ll play games to create laughter and reveal your awesome stage presence.

Partner Acro/Yoga Workshop

with Bronwyn Sims
Saturday, December 10, 2011
1:00 – 4:00 PM

Contact improv and modern dance meet circus!

Experience the wonders of moving with another body in space. Explore the connection between two individuals and the importance of the space between you and your partner. Through careful listening and paying attention to your partner, learn to be responsive to another body’s subtle messages, energies and weight changes.

Explore what it means to support the weight of another person and help them maneuver through space. By being relaxed and engaged, we can focus on fluid and dynamic movement with two or more bodies to create images and entities larger than what can be achieved by moving solo. Learn how to self-spot and help others in this movement workshop. Creative shapes and balances are the keys to getting to know your own and your partner’s abilities. Come alone or with a partner.

We welcome wholeheartedly people from any background to come and try it out!

Prepayment and pre-registration are required, as space is limited. For more information or to pre-register, email Bronwyn Sims

Or Lindel Hart at 413.768.9291


Strong Coffee Stage has conducted workshops at:

Marlboro College (Partner Acrobatics and Physical Theatre)

State University of New York, College of Oneonta (Physical Theatre, Partner Acrobatics, Physical Comedy, Virtuosity in Performance)

Westover School (Physical Theatre)

Bowdoin College (Partner Acrobatics)

Keene State College (Physical Theatre)

Vermont Academy (Viewpoints)

Overhead Arts (Clown and Aerial)

Strong Coffee Stage has also hosted workshops in:

Viewpoints and Suzuki with Tina Mitchell

Playwriting with Jeffrey Sweet

Bouffon with Eric Davis

Clown with Molly Brennan