About the Workshops

Physical Theatre

All live performance styles have something in common: the performer seeks to communicate something to the audience, to affect the audience, and ideally, to reach the audience on an emotional level. The physical performer has an advantage, because non verbal communication is extremely powerful. But technique alone will not move an audience, or enable a performer to reach their full potential as an artist. This class focuses on proven exercises in dramatic structure, vulnerability, imagination, improvisation, status, and establishing a relationship with the audience. Students will come away with expanded possibilities and understanding of themselves and their art, and the power to courageously initiate a dialogue with any audience. Ages 16-up.


What is clown? Clown is a style of performance that requires intimacy and constant interaction with the audience.The Clown is innocent, playful, unsocialized, optimistic, and really stupid. The Clown lives each moment in the moment, dares to try the impossible, and shares every failure and triumph with the audience. Clown forces the performer to embrace their vulnerability and reveal it to the audience, to seek failure instead of avoid it, to demolish the fourth wall and really listen to the audience. Clown introduces a performer to themselves in a way that is liberating, empowering, challenging, and fun. Ages 16-up.

Partner Acrobatics

This class is about the space in between you and your partner, and the connection between two or more collaborators. Through careful listening and paying attention to your partner(s) we will explore what it means to support the weight of another person & help them maneuver through space.

Aerial Acrobatics

Discover the excitement and joy of aerial acrobatics. We offer classes and workshops in trapeze, aerial fabric or silks and lyra or hoop. Classes and workshops are tailored to your ability & desire. Everyone will learn at their own pace in a safe and supportive environment, moving from simple poses to more advanced moves. Ages16 and up

All of our classes can be offered as day long, weekend or week long workshops. We will also consider longer residencies. Please contact us directly for more information.


Bronwyn Sims brings a sense of exploration to her work that is infectious. She has the rare ability to be both a strong presence as an instructor while simultaneously maintaining distance that allows her students the creative autonomy necessary to grow as artists. As a group instructor, I watched her take a collection ranging from equity actors to people terrified to speak on stage and build them up into a strong ensemble, while still allowing each individual to shine. Working one on one with Bronwyn is a true pleasure. When I was struggling to create my end of the year presentation at the New England Center for Circus Arts, Bronwyn encouraged me to add specific details and create a story line. With this direction, I felt empowered and inspired to push under the surface of my character and her situation.
— Shannon McKenna: Student at NECCA in the Intensive and ProTrack Programs

I’m a fairly private person and my biggest fears as a performer are that 1.  My shell won’t be cracked enough for an audience to relate to me, and 2.  that I won’t be able to express myself outside of my comfort zone and will therefore stagnate as an artist and get stuck.  After taking physical theater with Bronwyn and Patrick I was more comfortable expressing myself in front of an audience I didn’t know and though I was still afraid of being stuck, I knew I had acquired the tools to move forward.

Not long after I had finished the course I attended an audition in which I was unable to showcase my circus specialty act due to lack of rigging.  I was asked to participate in all other aspects of the audition, which meant my audition would be based solely on my performance of physical theater exercises and on my word that I was a good aerial flyer and acrobat.   I would not have gotten through that audition without the training and support of Bronwyn and Patrick.  And I most certainly would not have gotten a spot in that show had it not been for their Physical Theater class.

Bronwyn and Patrick are fun but focused, smart but silly, a little bit crazy but wholly dedicated to their students and to their art.  They promote a tight knit, non-judgmental, and supportive class, which effectively enables uninhibited group play and the generation of raw material.  Their class teaches lessons every person (artist or not) should learn.  Most importantly though, and ironically the unstated and implied lesson Bronwyn and Patrick do such good work with is instilling confidence in their students.  At the end of class I felt ready and willing to try new things, which meant that I had grown.
— Rachel Schiffer: Teacher at NECCA and professional performer