In the Press

“I’ve heard great things about SCSC. And my favorite was, this is just going to lift the whole theater community to higher levels.  Yeah!  (And just the remark I was looking to hear…!!!) Heard it more than once.”
— Kate Anderson, Chair of the Brattleboro Town Arts Committee. VP of the Arts Council of Windham County

“I loved the show!”
— Sara Coffey, Director and Founder of VT Performance Lab, after seeing NY Stories

“I was at NY Stories last night and I didn’t get a chance to talk to you, but I thought it was a crazy time after the show. First of all, it was great, I loved the scenes and the originals were all put together amazingly and it was like a taste of NY in Bratt so thank you for that… You were amazing last night.”
— Jonathan Reid

“Congratulations!! It was a very, very good show. Your last piece recalled an essay written by classmate of mine at Bennington.”
— Tim Mayo

“It was a wonderful show, Bronwyn. I was so happy to be there!”
— Cathryn Lykes, Mother and supporter of the arts

“Great show last weekend! You and Patrick were seriously funny, and I liked your 9/11 piece, too.”
— Lisa Cox, supporter of arts and theatre in VT

“i loved the show.  all 3 nights!  you were all so great!  i love the incredible VARIETY of subjects the plays covered, and the music, and the set, and mostly, the way the show invoked so many different emotions in me. i laughed, i cried! at various times, i felt amused, inspired, validated, sad, awed, grossed out, touched, pained… i love that. i found myself frequently thinking about bits and pieces of the show, all throughout the weekend…”
— Britta Reida, Friend and supporter of the arts in VT

“Hi you two! I really enjoyed the effort and energy of the evening of theater on Friday night. Thanks for all your work! Especially you two! The rest of the evening paled compared to you two. The two person play with the dead woodcock was the hit of the night. I could see all the work you have done in clown workshops pay off. Your timing with each other, and more important, with the audience was impeccable. You are so natural, I have great admiration for your work.”
— David Woodbury, Board President of New England Center for Circus Arts, Friend and supporter of the Arts in VT

“Hey Bronwyn, I just wanted to congratulate you again on a wonderful early evening of performances. It was a true pleasure to watch everyone work. You should be very proud of your company’s accomplishments. Every single person was stellar.”
— Laurie Green Performer, Opera Singer, supporter of the arts