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Moment of Impact

Check out this promo of Moment of Impact featuring an interview with Bronwyn Sims!

Moment of Impact is an original physical theatre show starring Bronwyn Sims, written by Bronwyn Sims and Talya Klein, who also directed. A Strong Coffee Stage production (of course), made possible by the Vermont Community Foundation and the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Ivan Singer produced this awesome video…..Thanks Ivan!






Positive press for Moment of Impact!

We are having a great run at the Berkshire Fringe Festival in Great Barrington MA. We have one more show, tonight (Sunday July 28) at 6 pm. Well worth coming to see it if you are able to!

A review appearing at the website DIDYOUWEEKEND? had some very nice things to say about Moment of Impact:

“Lastly, we saw Moment of Impact, featuring a one woman dynamo by the name of Bronwyn Sims. The show took center stage for brilliant use of lighting and music, and a simple ladder prop that doubled as train tracks. It consisted of a partly read monologue by reading the actual transcripts of a train conductor who just ran over a suicide victim. “The ones killing themselves always look at you,” he wrote. “They want to see it happen.” Ms. Sims lead a brilliant performance, marked with style and grace, in this genre of suicide by train.”

Here is the whole reveiw:

Moment of Impact fundraising fun!


Please support our campaign to raise money for Moment of Impact, Strong Coffee Stage’s new show, set to appear this July at the Berkshire Fringe Festival!

Click on the link below to donate or to help us spread the word!

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Thoughts about Moment of Impact

It is has been a wonderful and wild time working on my new solo show.

Working as an artist and creating something from almost nothing is a daunting, exciting, frustrating self awakening….but most of all a beautiful journey.

This is the 2nd incarantaion of the show.. It was entitled Lean Back but we have changed the name  to Moment of Impact.

This piece is a very personal journey of self , life and death, what impacts us and how resilent and amazing the human spirit is. I’m entering another phase of the work; delighted and excited to see where I emerge this time from the forest.

I have a new Director Marla Truini an experienced performer and Director from Connecticut. She is the Theatre Director at The Westover School, a private school for girls in Middlebury, CT.

Marla has a wonderful and gentle way of helping me sort through my artistic ideas. She is very generous in her guidance as a director, prompting me in the right ways with subtle ideas and suggestions. She has encouraged me to use my own writing for the show and has helped me to understand that my individuality and personal stories are interesting and my ability to be open and vulnerable is most exciting to watch.

She has a firm but gentle hand on the material and in guiding me through it!




Measure For Measure at Westover School

One of the great things about teaching artist residencies is the opportunity to see what students create in class. The young women (as well as a few courageous young men lending their talents to the production) have jumped into physical exercises designed to help them realize the full expressive potential of movement, gesture, and stillness. As an ensemble, we are discovering how to play with buoyancy and confidence. Since most of the work is highly physical, a number of students are also fulfilling athletic curriculum requirements; an innovative approach to bridging the sports and arts divide which could serve as a model for schools facing budget issues! In the coming sessions, we will increasingly focus exercises around Measure For Measure, coaxing living, breathing, alive characters off the page and onto the stage! Stay tuned…

Spring Fever! Part 1A – Theatre of Circus at NECCA


Theatre of Circus
a physical theater class
with Bronwyn Sims and Patrick Donnelly from Strong Coffee Stage

Perform with buoyancy and playful abandon!
Give your inner critic a time out!
Reveal your awesome stage presence!
Come laugh and play with us!
Beginning Mar 28 $280 11 weeks

register now at


Thursdays 3:30-5:25 pm

Spring Fever, Part One! (Teaching Physical Theatre at some cool places)

Looking forward to working on these upcoming teaching residencies in the next few months:

Westover School: SCS is thrilled to return to Middlebury, CT to work with the talented students of Westover School. We will be exploring methods of physical theatre as they mount a production of Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare.

State University of New York, College of Oneonta: The students of the Mask and Hammer Club have invited us back to conduct master classes in theatre. This year we will focus on creating physical comedy and using physicality and virtuosic skill in theatre. This will be our third year teaching them, and they always bring a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to the work.

Vermont Academy: We are very excited to spend an afternoon working with students of Vermont Academy. They are working on Antigone! It’ll be fun to see the classic through their fresh perspective.

Stay tuned for more specific news about all this great stuff…..(there’s more coming later in the year, but one season, at a time!)

Up Next: Spring Fever, Part Two! (Creating and performing, and big news about Bronwyn’s solo show!)


stuff we did in 2012!

Here is some of the highlights of our fruitful year. In 2012, STRONG COFFEE STAGE

…recieved a creation grant from the Vermont Arts Council for our latest original work, a solo show written and performed by Bronwyn Sims, with the working title of Lean Back. Bronwyn was selected as the inaugural resident artist for the new Performing Arts Residency program at Franklin Peirce University in New Hampshire, where a work-in-progress performance of Lean Back was shared with an audience of faculty, students, and members of the public. We are very excited about this original work. It explores themes of mortality and how ones actions impact others with thought provoking humor and virtuosic movement.

…worked with students at Westover School in Connecticut on techniques of physical theatre as part of a new approach in the schools currriculum. Students recieved athletic credit while rehearsing and performing Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. We hope to be able to work with the students at Westover again soon!

…taught at-risk students at a Vermont mental health facility as part of the Inspired to Shine program, which brings artistic training to troubled young people.

…hosted Australian born, NYC based Actor Tina Mitchell in March. She taught a weekend of master classes in Viewpoints and Suzuki to local actors and community members in Brattleboro, Vermont.

…taught master classes in Clown, Viewpoints and Improv at the State University of New York, College of Oneonta for the second time. The students in the Mask and Hammer club are always ready to work and we have fun teaching them techniques in Physical Theatre. We also taught Clown and Improv to the dance and theatre students at Keene State College for an afternoon last Spring.

…Bronwyn was asked to be on the faculty and taught master classes in yoga and acrobatics at The Celebration Barn this Summer and in June Strong Coffee Stage rounded up some clowns and performed at the Event in the Tent in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Bronwyn Sims in LEAN BACK (Photo: Ivan Singer)