Positive press for Moment of Impact!

We are having a great run at the Berkshire Fringe Festival in Great Barrington MA. We have one more show, tonight (Sunday July 28) at 6 pm. Well worth coming to see it if you are able to!

A review appearing at the website DIDYOUWEEKEND? had some very nice things to say about Moment of Impact:

“Lastly, we saw Moment of Impact, featuring a one woman dynamo by the name of Bronwyn Sims. The show took center stage for brilliant use of lighting and music, and a simple ladder prop that doubled as train tracks. It consisted of a partly read monologue by reading the actual transcripts of a train conductor who just ran over a suicide victim. “The ones killing themselves always look at you,” he wrote. “They want to see it happen.” Ms. Sims lead a brilliant performance, marked with style and grace, in this genre of suicide by train.”

Here is the whole reveiw: