Thoughts about Moment of Impact

It is has been a wonderful and wild time working on my new solo show.

Working as an artist and creating something from almost nothing is a daunting, exciting, frustrating self awakening….but most of all a beautiful journey.

This is the 2nd incarantaion of the show.. It was entitled Lean Back but we have changed the name  to Moment of Impact.

This piece is a very personal journey of self , life and death, what impacts us and how resilent and amazing the human spirit is. I’m entering another phase of the work; delighted and excited to see where I emerge this time from the forest.

I have a new Director Marla Truini an experienced performer and Director from Connecticut. She is the Theatre Director at The Westover School, a private school for girls in Middlebury, CT.

Marla has a wonderful and gentle way of helping me sort through my artistic ideas. She is very generous in her guidance as a director, prompting me in the right ways with subtle ideas and suggestions. She has encouraged me to use my own writing for the show and has helped me to understand that my individuality and personal stories are interesting and my ability to be open and vulnerable is most exciting to watch.

She has a firm but gentle hand on the material and in guiding me through it!